Friday, December 20, 2002

You know if I was heading a super-secret ancient organization whose goal it was to rule the Earth, I think that I would meet with the other leaders at something more than a large kitchen table. Escpecially if we had alot of money.

Granted some of these conspiracies have to start small, but come on if you're in the Illuminati you should have an office building to meet at, at least. Or meet in a park or something.

The reason I mention this is the movie Razorblade Smile was on the Sci Fi channel tonight, and besides being a thinly veiled knockoff of Nancy Collins Sonja Blue character, the Illuminati like group in the movie meet at a large oaken table.

My group happens to meet in a stone circle around a large granite---oh, sorry you don't need to know that, do you.

I think the group in the movie needs to look into a symbol for their group rather than a large gaudy ring they all wear. The whole point of a secret society is to not draw attention to it.

Also the movie is really, really bad.

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