Monday, December 02, 2002

I'm unsure if Tommy is telling me specifically to buy him something good for Christmas in his news and views for his shout out for my page, or if He's wanting something good from everyone. What do you think?

Who am I kidding, nobody reads this but me.

I'm working six nights in a row this week, and let me tell you I had to stand and think for about twenty minutes this morning to try and figure out if It was Sunday, Monday or Tuesday. I'm still not really sure.

I'm not being very funny here am I? Well I'm only writing this for my own amusement and gratification anyway.

I think it's time to change the template on this page.

I want the Fannie May Foundation to stay out of my business. Telling me that I can't get a good job or a house or anything without good credit. Pfeh. Commercials suck. As BIll Hicks said "If you are in advertising, do me a favor right now. Kill Yourself."

I also hate web-pages that try to reset your homepage to them, and won't let you leave until you do. I wish I knew how to write the HTML to do that. Hmmmmm.

I think it would be incredibly creepy if we lived in a world animated by Ray Harryhausen style stop motion.

So TLC has a new album. On a related subject, how does Alliyah still put out new videos? Or for that matter how is 2-Pac STILL putting out new music. Do Hip Hop record labels have some kind of phone-line to the dead? If they do why not contact, say John Lennon? I'm sure he'd be happy to do a duet with Busta Rhymes, or lay down a phat beat for Ludacris.

They're playing nothing but Christmas music at work. They seem to have about twenty-five versions of the same four songs. I have no problem with some Christmas music, but when Little Drummer Boy is played three times in under an hour, including the Bing Crosby/David Bowie version, something is very wrong.

Why is Mariah Carey on my television?

Will Freddy v. Jason suck? Probably, since Kelly Rowland of Destiny's Child is in it. I really don't think she needs to be singing songs about misunderstood young white male high school students. It would be like me writing and singing a song about a thirty-year-old female chinese farmer. I don't know the life, even with research it would come off very shallow.

Shattershot post this morning.

Talk to me.

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