Monday, September 26, 2005


As Tommy reported, I did, indeed get married last Sunday (9/18). Roxanne and I said our vows at my parents house in front of her parents and mine, as well as my sister. I'll talk more about it later, but for now for everybody who wasn't there, here are some pictures taken by her mother. I'll try to get other pictures up soon.

We went to Gatlinburg for our Honeymoon, and had a wonderful time. I'm sorry that we didn't invite more people to the wedding, but we wanted to keep it small and as non-stressful as possible.

All I can say is that I feel incredibly fortunate to have this wonderful woman in my life, and amazed that I somehow convinced her to marry me.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Long Time, No Post

Sorry for the delay between posts here but there's been a lot of life happening around here. I'll speak of it more at length soon.

For now, enjoy the pictures.

Pictures From Barry's Show

Last Thursday at the the McMinn County Regional Fair Barry, a feller I've known since he was a lad, wrestled Raven under a tent for the main event of an Extreme Grappling Organization (EGO because they have one) event. Here is the photo evidence:
Much of my time videotaping was spent filming the lights and rides and not the wrestling.
Not many people realize that BST is a Lucha Libre superstar.
Or that I am as well. (dig my pink mask)
Raven (it was his birthday) wrestled Barry in a reasonably good match. It was better than the rest of the card, but why did Barry decide to dress as Wolverine?

WWE Pictures

Pictures from WWE show I attended with BST and his Brother-in-law at the UTC Roundhouse a couple of weeks ago:

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