Friday, January 13, 2006

Just Make Sure to Wear a Grin

Anyone out there know where I can get some good, old-fashioned Bibbibabkas? I'm tired of this store bought stuff, and there just isn't anywhere to get traditional ones since Twinkacetti's closed.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Site Stats

I was just trolling through my sites stats for the first time in quite some time and I thought I'd share some fun facts with the couple of you that are still out there with me.

Here are the top 20 search strings that have found this site:

1 alexis laree
2 jake roberts
3 house of a thousand corpses
4 newsfilter drudge
5 hulk hogan
6 mashup
7 tajiri
8 wolverine
9 wwe edge
10 homoerotic
11 tripping on acid
12 cloogey
13 cory haim
14 peep
15 rapture timeline
16 sid haig
17 acid tripping
18 shark boy costume
19 sound
20 tall midgets

I am your source for homoerotic, acid tripping tall midgets in shark boy costumes. And of course Corey Haim.

1.35% of my traffic is from Canada. .38% from Mexico. Let's work on that guys.

Over half of people coming here use some version of Firefox.

Someone, somewhere has a directlink to one of the flash game files that I used to have in the sidebar on their site.

There are still people reading my TNA-Thoughts blog that I haven't updated in many many moons. (Probably just for the Alexis Laree 'Mickie James' pictures). People also still vote in my poll there about Hogan coming into TNA.

Now I shall stop boring you.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Celebrity Fit Club III

I hope with all my heart that Danny Bonaduce gets fat very soon and can be on a future installment of Fit Club, because Jeff Conaway's poor man's Gary Busey is just pathetic. If Conaway really is on drugs and acting like that I am unsure whether or not that makes him more or less pathetic than if he's faking it for the cameras.

But a roided up, overweight Bonaduce wigging out on the personal trainer guy until he gets squashed would be priceless.

I think they also need Steve from the Jerry Springer show, or perhaps Ken Shamrock to stand in at the weigh ins to crush anyone who causes a scene.

Conaway is no Busey.
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