Friday, March 13, 2009


Sweet Mary and Joseph I just learned from Bill O'Reilly that Politico is saying that there is a liberal cabal of people who have daily conference calls where they plan strategies on how to attack people who are against their agenda.

O'Reilly assures me that it is the same thing as Nixon's dirty tricks squad, and that the group contains people linked to the Clinton's and a former CNN (CNN!) reporter with bad taste in hats.

Then he had Carl Rove on who is, of course, an expert on the subject of Nixonian style dirty tricks.

I am unsure whether or not Carl Rove talking about groups of people getting together to plan political strategies and linking that to fascism.


The LABOR/NBC/TIMES/OBAMA conspiracy, O'Reilly assures me, is a serious threat to America.

Rove assures me that there is no such Conservative call that he is aware of, they merely meet every week or to to do the same type of thing, but they, you know, meet up.

I think there is no validity at all to this story since everyone knows that the cool kids all Twitter now, or Facebook. Next they'll be telling us that the liberals have set up a BBS server.

I think we need to ban these "conference calls," as there is no telling what type of horrors may emerge from them. This is the beginning of Communism folks. When people of like minds get together on the phone and talk about things they are of like minds about and how to get that done you might as well just call in Chairman Mao.

Thank you Bill O'Reilly and Politico, thank you for revealing the vast left-wing conspiracy and exposing the cabal at the heart of our current problems!
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