Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Dr. Mystery, Th.D

And so it begins, My myspace music page Dr. Mystery, Th.D.

Clerks II revisited

I realized something watching the documentary about the making of Clerks II. It makes me wonder if Kevin Smith even realizes what Clerks II is really about.

In Clerks II Dante is getting ready to move to Florida because he feels that he has done everything in Jersey and is tired of living there and he is going to marry into a wealthy family. Randall just wants Dante to stay in Jersey where he belongs.

This is an exact parallel to the relationship of Kevin Smith and his producer and best friend Scott Mosier. After the flop and disappointment that was Jersey Girl Kevin was going to go on and try to make Green Hornet, but Scott just wanted to get out of movies and walk the Earth.

I think Kevin really decided to make Clerks II to keep Mosier in his life more than for any other reason. Kevin is Randall, just trying to keep Dante in Jersey by re-opening the Quick Stop.
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