Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sweet Bo-Jeebus

I sense this will be only mildly-coherent.

Ah, Michelle Bachmann. When I thought that Sarah Palin could quite possibly be the one that inadvertently sets women back in the Republican party and in politics in general by years I had not yet heard from sweet, sweet Michelle Bachmann.

Her eyes were what stood out to me the first time I saw her. I don't ever, EVER, trust anyone who has too much white in their eyes showing above and below their irises. I keep feeling like they're trying to hypnotize me. I WILL NOT BE HYPNOTIZED!!!!!!

There is this thing here where people are attacked for associating with or talking with or talking to someone who shares different views than they do that they are somehow legitimizing or agreeing with or becoming that other person and their views. I believe this comes from the whole we-must-destroy-or-convert-forcibly those who do not agree with us.

I don't know the content of conversations that Barack had with Bill Ayers or anyone else, but at the same time I don't think that any contact that they had denotes an endorsement of politics of the Weather Underground.

I have many friends and acquaintances that I do not agree with. Granted I don't think that any of them have orchestrated the bombing of anything in particular (except possibly themselves).

The argument continues to be made that no one else who has ever associated with Bill Ayers is relevant because non of them are running for president. I wasn't aware that Barack was running for president when he was working in Chicago.

It is a curious and interesting phenomena that it seems that there are three broad types of people and groups that have any interest in helping the poor and poorly educated. (1) Religious groups--For some reason various churches seem to see it as their duty to help the poor and work with the poor. (2) Liberal Radicals--For some reason (probably to create a giant army of socialist uneducated poor) Liberal radicals seem to want to go and help out poor people. (3) People who can get something cheap--Businesses who want cheap, unskilled labor (mostly now shop for poor in other countries).

If you are a person of any of these bents (or any other, these are by no means exhaustive) that you will end up colluding with some unsavory folks.

Looking through John McCain's life he probably mostly associated with military folks and Senators, but I'm pretty sure there are some unsavory ones in there that were more than just acquaintances.

You know what, If John McCain had been associated with Bill Ayers it would not have been news because that would mean that John McCain was working in poor areas in Chicago on education reform, making him not John McCain.

I live in an area where I know of people who have been accused of becoming Muslim, and avoided, because they were seen reading the Koran.

By this logic I am a Christian/Morman/Wiccan/Satanist/Muslim/Communist/Dittohead/Scientologist/Hindu/Buddhist/Beat Poet/Shaman/Jewish/Discordian/Crowleyite/Redneck amongst other things that I cannot offhand think of.

I have known people of most of these persuasions as well. I have also worked with them. To my knowledge none are actual terrorists.

Barack is not a Muslim. Being around Muslims does not make you a muslim. Barack is not a terrorist, being around terrorists does not make you a terrorist (being a terrorist makes you a terrorist). Barack is not anti-American. I think that he has the dubious honor of possibly representing Americans that some other Americans don't find American, because they are of the opinion that American means one thing and one thing only.

American doesn't mean one thing only.

Do I agree with Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground that there should be violent attacks on the US Government. No. Do I think that Barack agrees with him on that one. No, I would imagine that he wouldn't be running for POTUS, or serving in the senate if he did. Anarchist Radicals do not typically take on jobs in the government.

By the way on this associating with terrorist malarkey. I believe there are photos and video of Donald Rumsfeld shaking hands with Saddam Hussein back when we were his friends. I believe (though I could be wrong) that many of those Afghani freedom fighters that we were supporting against Russian aggression may have evolved and grown into the terrorists in Afghanistan we know today.

I'm glad to know that under the coming Palin-Bachmann administration no one will be allowed to associate with known America Hatin' liberals. They will all be wiped away to some other area (large prisons/Canada/Mexico/Cuba), and out of our public and private education systems. Everyone will agree on everything and anyone who doesn't will know that they'd better learn to.

Fear America. Fear Barack Steve Obama and his health care proposals. Fear his proposed alternative energy research. Fear his new tax structure where you most likely will pay less. Fear his popularity in the rest of the world. Fear him America.

Fear the liberals. Fear the Minorities. Fear the different.

Actually, face the fear. Vote Obama.

I don't know if he will live up to the hype or the hope, but at least lets let him try.

Obama Songs

Obama by the Alan Cohen Experience (Quite Good little song. Found it through LHB

Yes We Can by and Barack Obama

We are the Ones by (In the video of you can see that Barack has gotten the elusive Theo Huxtable vote)

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In an ad airing in Southwest Virginia, Dr. Ralph Stanley lends his support to Barack Obama. Audio here, and here.
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