Friday, April 22, 2005


Been gone for awhile and am just getting used to what are seemingly blindingly fast connection speeds after a lengthy period of using a noisy phone line that tended to lose signal. Also the hillbilly phone company installed a folgers can at the end of my line instead of the old campbell's soup can, so the internets have a much larger hole to flow through.

Hopefully this will inspire more of the typing of thoughts that the occasional person reads.


First off I know what you all (except Tommy) have been asking yourselves, "What does Bill think of the current direction of the wrestling world?"

Well, I'm glad you asked, I think there is a discernible lack of direction guiding the only to American Wrestling companies worth talking about. The WWE has too many Ortons and no idea what they are doing, and are afraid to break Batista's push by actually letting him do anything, and TNA is still being booked by Dusty Rhodes, who thinks it is a good idea to run a pay-per view that consists of eight cage matches.

I long for the next Evolution in wrestling (or just a return to plausible storytelling, backed by solid ring action)

Do the WWE just want to kill their women's division again, or are they so delusional that they think they are re-building with all the Diva Search nonsense?

Bad, bad WWE for releasing Matt Hardy.


Sin City is brilliant. You will either love it or hate it, there is no possible middle ground that I can see.


I begin a new job on Monday with training at another store. Huzzah for switching jobs every three to four months!


I should be updating the Read List at some point, though at this point I am about twenty books past the last update, and likely won't remember them all.


I went to Ink and Blood, a display of Dead Sea Scroll fragments, among other things, over the weekend with my mother and Roxanne. Had an excellent time, saw some cool old stuff and got to hit McKay's on the way back (I still would like to apologize for pulling Dave McKean's book Cages out of Roxanne's hands, it was quite the rude thing to do).


I have it on good authority that someone in my immediate family may have gainful employment in the near future.


I believe it is almost time to bust out the hammock down by the creek.


Next Saturday there is a wrestling show at Riceville Elementary School being put on by Bert Prentice's promotion. I'm planning on going with Tommy and possibly my sister if she would like to go. I have high standards for shows at that school as last time the main event featured Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy and Craig "Pittbull" Pittman taking on the team of Pistol Pez Watly and Bullet Bob Armstrong.

I only hope that Big Bully Douglas is on the card as he is my favorite wrestler of all time.

I loves me some Bully.


Look for a site re-design soon.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Out Not Running Over Panels

Shit and potatoes, my hillbilly phone company has had me offline for a week or so, plus the general three weeks or so of incredible laziness before that have coupled together for a lengthy run of the no posting.

This will be rectified shortly...not now, but within the next few days I will begin my metatextual assault yet again.

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