Friday, May 03, 2002

Yes folks, I am a geek. I sit here beside 26 boxes of garishly colored pamphlets, predominately about men and women in tights fighting one another. Yes my children I am talking about comic books. I have many, but I am growing tired of the superheroes. There are a few out there that are still written well and have something to say, but many of these books need to die. They are entitled to it. Many of them have been on artificial life support for years, and the strain is starting to show. They have reached the critical vegetative state from which there is no return, only creeping mechanical monotiny or sweet, blissfull death.
As the grand Mr. Ellis says it's as if every time you went into a bookstore you have to wade through a sea of poorly written romance novels just to find something else.
The super-heroes can stay, they have a place, just not at the forefront. If the medium is to survive and be taken seriously, it must be taken from the hands of the fan boys and given new life.
There should be room in there for everyone, from Stray Bullets to dare I say it, X-Men.
All anyone outside the comic book community thinks of when they hear the words comic books are cheesy larger than life characters parading in tights and fighting cackling madmen, which is essentialy what the majority of the books are, and do you know who is to blame?
Adam West. No he's not to blame for the comic book industries problems, but he is responsible for his actions on that show, and I will never forgive him.
Zock indeed.
Howdy children and welcome to my blog. I'm transmitting to you from my secluded mansion by carrier pigeon which is then posted to the web via electrified monkies on imacs, but enough about that I know what you're wanting, you want some of that good ole craziness that only I, and possibly my alarming side-kick the All-Terrain Clown, can provide. That would be pulse-pounding, darkness fueled ramblings on anything and everything.
Well, that will have to wait until next time, for now it is late, and the wolves are howling and the rabbits are restless.
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