Thursday, September 20, 2007

TNA Thoughts

  • Rikishi still looks like Rikishi only at 2/3 speed. Little bit of ring rust there, but if they keep using him he'll shape up. Look for him soon in a tag team with Eric Young and Shark Boy where they all dance!

  • Judas Messias attacks everybody tonight and gets run off by Rhino. He's slow and plodding in the ring and smaller than Eric Young!

  • Kevin Nash is comedy gold.

  • I'm optimistic about the second hour of impact. I hope they make good use of it and actually have time to showcase all the titles and angles in one show.
  • Friday, September 14, 2007

    TNA Thoughts

    Some random thoughts after this weeks Impact:

  • Rikishi is now in TNA. Now if they could just bring back Sonny Siaki and maybe get Meng in there they could have a really strong Samoan contingent.
  • Now I have seen Black Reign. I like the spinning suplex, but I don't think that he'll be able to do that one on anyone over Eric Young's size. (Which, I suppose is fine since 80% of the roster is that size or under) If Eric wanted to save Shark Boy from being hurt, wouldn't it have made more sense to make the save BEFORE Sharky was clobbered with the club in the back of the head, and not just before the rat made an appearance. And, doesn't this mean that Jake the Snake is the logical opponent for Black Reign?

  • New tights are needed for Judas Messias. The purple Razor Ramon blood style just isn't going to work. They need to think more along the lines of Kevin Thorne. I was soooo hoping that Messias would just be a repackaged Brian Lee or Slash. Maybe he will be impressive, I do not know. If they give him an entrance where he cuts through something on the entranceway and the cuts bleed or something along that line it might be a cool visual, but he's going to have to be able to bring something to the table in the ring. I just don't know how they can effectively push him as a monster when he's the same size as Bobby Roode.

  • I see on that Messias will be squashing Eric Young next week on Impact. Hooray, that means that Messias and Black Reign can team up. I had gotten the distinct impression that they delayed the debut of Messias so as not to conflict with the debut of Black Reign, so now they can be together on screen!

  • Impact goes to two hours in October, now they can have two hours not to use Raven in!

  • Sandman is now a free agent again. So is Sabu. So is Eugene.

  • When is TNA going to bring in Kaz Hyashi for a battle of the Kazs? Does Kaz Hyashi still have the Glacier gimmick he bought from Glacier on Nitro?

  • When, exactly is Jarret going to return? Angle needs a good ole el Kabong. I don't think Sting will end up Champ at BFG.

  • I miss Slash and the New Church. Mostly just Slash. Only just Slash.

  • Doesn't it really just have to be Frank Wycheck that teams with someone to take on Truth and Pac-Man? Won't that match suck? Maybe they could get Dale Torborg for it.

  • Did the Punisher Andrew Martin even have a real match in TNA?

  • Can they really keep saying that Abyss is 6'8" with a straight face without inflating Tomko to 7'4" and Matt Morgan to 12'10"?

  • Enough already.

    Wednesday, September 05, 2007


    Today as one of my co-workers walked by muttering to herself as she usually does, I 'jokingly' said to myself "I hope one day I can be the crazy guy at work that mutters to himself constantly."

    Then I realized that I had just muttered that to myself.

    Tuesday, September 04, 2007

    Chocolate Pudding

    No posting in quite awhile here lately. So a random notes post is in order:

  • Went to see Modest Mouse with my wife and sister at the Ryman not to long ago. Really good show. I don't know many of their songs, but ended up with what turned out to be their new single in my head for about a week afterward, but it rung out beautifully and I was able to play notes I had never even heard before.

  • TNA is getting beter and WWE is getting worse. WWE is suspending half their roster and firing some others for substance abuse. I can only hope that this will end up with Chris Masters and Randy Orton being fired and NOT ending up in TNA.

  • Warren Ellis' new book Crooked Little Vein is exactly what one would expect from a Warren Ellis novel, if one knows what to expect from a Warren Ellis novel. If you don't know what to expect, then I imagine it might be a we bit shocking. Unless you watch Nip/Tuck.

    Possibly still shocking anyway.

  • Roxanne, Tommy, Katy and I are minutely visible in the TNA Slammiversary DVD. Find us when Kurt Angle is on top of the ladder celebrating, or when the show is just starting. Extra credit if anyone spots Chicken Hat at ringside.
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