Thursday, September 20, 2007

TNA Thoughts

  • Rikishi still looks like Rikishi only at 2/3 speed. Little bit of ring rust there, but if they keep using him he'll shape up. Look for him soon in a tag team with Eric Young and Shark Boy where they all dance!

  • Judas Messias attacks everybody tonight and gets run off by Rhino. He's slow and plodding in the ring and smaller than Eric Young!

  • Kevin Nash is comedy gold.

  • I'm optimistic about the second hour of impact. I hope they make good use of it and actually have time to showcase all the titles and angles in one show.
  • 1 comment:

    Tommy said...

    Granted, I haven't really been watching any wrestling regularly, but I'm kinda pessimistic about the second hour. Seems (like you said) another hour where they won't use Raven (or any number of cool talent that they put out in favor of Rikishi's Redux).

    Also, I just enjoy disagreeing with you. Seems the universe seem a little more balanced.

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