Friday, August 29, 2003

Hulks and Dinosaurs Teach Children About Jesus

For those of you in the boro who see the Middle Tennessee Baptist Church Red-Flaming-Soul-Saving Bus around town, or saw their giant Dinosaur breaking through their building for Vacation Bible School, here's a link to some pictures of the event from their website. I was unaware of the Incredible Bulk's presence at the event.

I'm sorry, and how does this teach about Jesus?

Thursday, August 28, 2003


Be A Man
Macho-Man Randy Savage's new single from his rap album.

I'm sorry.

I hit the rounds yesterday for the weekly purchases and picked up a couple of books and movies and whatnot. I saw that there was a new Palahniuk book out and bought that, and there was another book that caught my attention, on the cover there are four of the people I respect the most in this world and value their opinions, and there was another guy that I don't know very well.

The fellow on the right (which makes him from the right, right?) was wearing a conservative suit and a conservative tie and appeared to be in the Fox News newsroom. It also said Fair and Balanced on the cover, which I know in all of our minds, is indicative of FoxNews and their respected and fair and balanced view of the news. They have put so much into that slogan...why, sitting here in my office and drinking from my Fox News coffee mug (fair and balanced is right there printed inside) and wearing my fair and balanced necktie (and a pair of socks), looking at the cover of that book I can't help but assume that it is published by the stalwarts of fair and balanced journalism at Fox News.

Let me tell you it is not.

I was shocked apon actually opening the book and looking at the contents to find such chapter headings as "Ann Coulter: Nutcase" and "I Bitch-Slap Bernie Goldberg." My friends, this is not what it appears to be. I am amazed that those at FoxNews would publish such a book that attacks their own conservative viewpoints and pundits.

As I read (I can read you know, as high as a third grade level), I was aghast at the claims inside. They can't be true can they?

I'd better go see what Bill O'Reilly has to say on "The No Spin Zone," he always tells it like it is.

Fair and Balanced.

So I spoke a little too soon that I wouldn't say anymore about the case, but this is more of a commentary on the book.

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

I say … and you think … ?

  1. Bay:: of Pigs
  2. Boarding school:: the Talisman
  3. Riddle:: me this
  4. Hunger:: I
  5. Allergy:: Nasal
  6. Sponsored:: Racer
  7. Spin:: Cycle
  8. Interest:: Levels
  9. Scrabble:: Chuck Woolery
  10. Mold::Shower curtain

Monday, August 25, 2003

Hey, Look, I'm Tommy's daughter!

You are Dorothy Zbornak! Yes, that name is the
legacy of the man that screwed you over, but no
matter! Your smarts and quick wit can not only
get you through, but get you to the top of any

Which Golden Girl Are You?
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Ok so I am a bit obsessive. I know that Fox News case was thrown out on its ass, but I was getting this ready anyway. I found the link to the text of the lawsuit filed against Franken and I was going through and picking it apart a bit myself. I really don't think that many people read it too closely, because there's some really, really dumb stuff in here.

Firstly, the original document:
The original .pdf of the lawsuit
The .html version at Daily Rotten

Now some fairly imbalanced comentary.

I dont' read alot of documents written by lawyers for the courts, but are they usually this smarmy and self aggrandizing?

6. Moreover, since Franken's reputation as a political commentator is not of the same caliber as the stellar reputations of FNC's on-air talent, any association between Franken and Fox News is likely to blur or tarnish Fox News' distinctive mark in violation of 15 U.S.C. § 1125(c)(1) and New York General Business Law § 360-1.

Stellar reputations? Bill O'Reilly has a stellar reputation? I might buy a couple of their commentators as having pretty good reps, but stellar? Shepard Smith, stellar?

8. So that Fox News may protect its valuable trademark rights, this Court should preliminarily and permanently enjoin Defendants from using the "Fair and Balanced" trademark or any other Fox News trademark, and from using any and all photographs of O'Reilly or any other Fox News on-air talent on the cover of their Book.

Actually you only have to have the photographers permission to use a photo of someone, unless the photo in question could be construed on it's face to be slanderous or invading privacy (IE nude photos or digitally altered phots, etc.) This bit of information I learned on the incredibly informative audio commentary track on the first season of South Park.

11, Upon information and belief, defendant Franken is an individual residing REDACTED , New York, New York. Franken achieved some renown as a comedy writer in the 1970's, when he worked for the television program "Saturday Night Live." Since 1995, after Franken left a second stint with "Saturday Night Live," he has attempted to remake himself into a political commentator. In 1998, Franken wrote and hosted a political television program called "Lateline," which appeared on the NBC television network. Upon information and belief, Franken's guests on "Lateline" included well-known political figures Richard Gephardt, Jerry Falwell and Robert Reich. "Lateline" was cancelled after only 19 episodes. Since then, Franken has made dozens of appearances on television news programs, including FNC. Franken has appeared as a guest on FNC at least ten times from March 1998 until as late as December 2002. However, he is not affiliated in any way with Fox News. Upon information and belief, Franken is currently attempting to gain support to start a political talk radio program.

Sweet Jesus, we can't let him become popular, can we? Was that a thinly veiled swipe saying...'look he couldn't even carry a show for more than 19 weeks.'? Most shows don't last that long. Since when has the ability to sustain a television show been the benchmark of a career. And do they really suggest that he is trying to get a radio show by saying he is a member of the Fox News staff?

16. At present FNC has over 80 million subscribers throughout the United States. This number is up from 13 million subscribers at the time of the network's inception. Indeed, FNC's subscribership has grown steadily every year since its initial launch

I didn't choose to subscribe to it, it came with the package. In fact I think I'd like to spearhead a campaign to have it removed from my cable services basic package. I'd much rather have another Outdoor Life Channel, or maybe just another C-Span.

18. O'Reilly himself has become a national celebrity and one of America's most trusted sources of news and information. He is inextricably linked with Fox News and the "Fair and Balanced" trademark in the minds of the viewing public.

Bill O'Reilly is one of America's most trusted sources of news and information? Since when exactly? He is a commentator, plain and simple. He is no more a newsman than G.G. Liddy or Art Bell are.

22. On April 23, 1997, Fox News applied to the United States Patent and Trademark Office ("PTO") for a trademark in the phrase "Fair & Balanced" for "entertainment services in the nature of production and distribution of television news programs." On December 22, 1998, Fox News' trademark in "Fair & Balanced" was registered on the PTO's Principal Register. Since then, Fox News has also obtained a registration on the Principal Register in "Fair. Balanced. Unafraid." (Reg. No. 2,713,414) in connection with neckties.

Good thing Al wasn't wearing a fair and balanced necktie on the book cover. Then they would really have had them. Does the necktie bit really need to be in a legal brief? Were they planning on using that in a trial?

24. FNC continually employs the phrase "Fair and Balanced" throughout it programming. The phrase is used consistently and regularly by FNC's on-air personalities. Fox News has also used the phrase in numerous print, radio, television and billboard advertisements. For example, news personality Brit Hume concludes every broadcast of "Special Report with Brit Hume," by saying "stay tuned for news fair, balanced and unafraid."

So, since they use it, no one else can, right? That means that since I'm parodying it on my site, I am liable to get myself sued, right?

25. In addition, Fox News has developed merchandise for sale in The Fox News Shop on its web site, that includes the "Fair and Balanced" logo. For example, a mug sold on the Fox News web site has the Fox News logo on the front and the mark "Fair and Balanced" inside the mug. Another Fox News mug contains the phrase "Balance is Important in News and Hot Coffee." There is also a "Fair and Balanced" necktie available for sale on the Fox News web site in a number of colors.

Well shit, Franken could keep people from buying quality mugs and whatnot. Neckties too. They might think that those fine pieces of merchandise are liberal propaganda.

36. Shortly thereafter, O'Reilly and Franken engaged in a heated debate about the title and cover of the Book, in which O'Reilly voiced his distaste for name-calling in political analysis. During the debate, Franken made pointed reference to the phrase "Fair and Balanced" in the title of his book and indicated that it was a reference to FNC.

After voicing his distate for name calling, O'Reilly then called Franken an idiot. Class all the way.

50. As a result, Fox News is suffering irreparable harm.
51. Fox News is, therefore, entitled to preliminary and permanent injunctive relief and money damages.

They're suffering irreparable harm, but sheeit, a big chunk of money will go a long way towards fixing it.

67. Because of this extensive marketing program and ratings success, "Fair and Balanced" has become synonymous in the minds of the public with FNC.

A bit presumptuous telling us what's in our mind's, eh. I'm pretty sure that all the tinfoil that I've lined my apartment and baseball caps with blocks all of their thought spying.

77. Franken has recently been described as a "C-level political commentator" who is "increasingly unfunny." Franken has physically accosted Fox News personalities in the past, and was reported to have appeared either intoxicated or deranged as he flew into a rage near a table of Fox News personalities at a press correspondents' dinner in April 2003. Franken is neither a journalist nor a television news personality. He is not a well-respected voice in American politics; rather, he appears to be shrill and unstable. His views lack any serious depth or insight. Franken is commonly perceived as having to trade off of the name recognition of others in order to make money. One commentator has referred to Franken as a "parasite" for attempting to trade off of Fox News' brand and O'Reilly's fame in the Preliminary Cover of his Book.

Who are these unnamed sources? I would think that if it is public record, you could name them. I'm afraid it's probably someone on Fox News though. O'Reilly has been called a worthless hack journalist by me, and totally unfunny with no possible way to increase the unfunny as far as I can see.

Here's what Al should do: have an artist, say one of the guys at Mad Magazine, draw the cover of his book and make O'Reilly and the others look even worse. Draw them right in the Fox News studio. Last time I checked, Mad is listed as satire, sophmoric, maybe, but satire nonetheless.

Wouldn't it be funny if the final cover of the book really had no relation to the preliminary one, but was much worse? or if the title was something like "Bill O'Reilly blows goats and I have pictures: A fair and balanced look at the right."

Must keep FoxNews from reading my thoughts. Must not let Shepard Smith know of my true feelings. STAY OUT OF MY BRAIN FOXNEWS!

This is the last I'll have to say on the matter, assuming there is no appeal to this case.
Rock on London...Rock on Chicago...Rock on Wesley

I was saddened to learn of the passing of a true individual on August 21, the Daddy of Rock and Roll Wesley Willis. He was truly a singular talent and will be missed by all his fans.

Alternative Tentacles has this to say, and Jello Biafra has this to say. They say it as well as I could.

Sunday, August 24, 2003

I hate you so bad
you are the "I hate you so bad" happy
bunny. You hate everyone and eveything and your
not ashamed of it.

which happy bunny are you?
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Friday, August 22, 2003

The Friday Five
1. When was the last time you laughed?
Much like Brak, I can't stop laughing, but the last time was watching Bowling for Columbine last night. Chuckling or cackling doesn't really count, does it? I do those pretty much constantly.

2. Who was the last person you had an argument with?
I'm always arguing with myself, but other than that I try to keep it cool and reasonable with everyone else. If the neighbor's behind me don't turn their damn music down pretty soon though there may be a problem there.

3. Who was the last person you emailed?
I don't actually send e-mail very often. The last one was to Fitness Guru and Former Billy-Ray Cyrus keyboardist Joey McG who will soon be running for public office.

4. When was the last time you bathed?
My math isn't so good, but surprisingly only about ten minutes ago.

5. What was the last thing you ate?
I had a chocolate tallcake from Ruby Tuesday last night to taunt my friend Jason since his girlfriend Julie (now a certified public trainer) has put him on a restricted diet. The sacrifices I make for my art.

Am I the only one who thinks this seems like an invitation for DUI?

Thursday, August 21, 2003

I'm just wondering if anyone else here in the 'Boro has noticed the black military helicopters in the sky today. As I was coming in from lunch a little while ago there was one circling really low over the MTSU campus.

Tommy said that there were four flying in formation earlier today.

Just wondering.

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Students are Back

You know, every summer I am lulled into complacency by the relative lack of college students in town, then when school starts on the fall semester and on my morning drive home I am forced to sit in traffic at 7:30 in the morning waiting on and watching out for every new freshman with a car that is trying to get ot that 8:00 class and doesn't understand that you leave an HOUR early for your first class at least.

Why do I assume they are all freshman? Because after my first year of required classes I didn't sign up for anything before 11:00am. My schedule most days started at 11:00 and ran solid until about 4 and then I was out for the day. I even got it so that one semester I only had class for three hours a day except for one day (Monday I think it was) where I was in class from 11 until 9 at night, with the only breaks being 15 minute ones where I had to get my ass from one side of campus to the other. The good thing was that on Thursday and Friday I had only one class.

My point is that they need to learn to schedule their classes for times that I am already home and trying to sleep.

I learned the lesson quickly, and it is the reason that I didn't take ethics in Journalism school (the only session was at 8:00 in the morning with a final that was at 7 am). I'll just do without thank you.

As an aside, on my way home I saw one driver coming from campus who looked so much like wrestler Kevin Sullivan that I was startled for a moment. He was driving a beat up old hatchback that was more rust than metal. I also saw a guy driving an old pickup truck who was either wearing one of those ruffled colar Italian Renaissance tunics, or a car's air filter around his neck. I'm leaning towards the filter, at least that's pretty original.

Monday, August 18, 2003

Screw Your Fair and Balanced

Bill O'Reilly says "Calling Al Franken a satirist is a farce "

I say calling Bill O'Reilly a newsman is a farce.

"The accusation that Fox is a conservative network is pure propaganda. Poll after poll has demonstrated that Fox's audience is across the board, ideologically and demographically. The latest survey taken by Mediamark Research finds that more ultraconservative viewers watch CNN than Fox."

I can only really speak for myself, but just because I will watch Fox News, or CNN, or listen to G.G. Liddy or Jello Biafra, doesn't mean that I agree with them. I listen to them and read them because I like to have as many sides and points of views as I can. If I were to only listen to one group of people I would then be a stupid, uninformed person (but probably quite happy). I also think that people like to listen to things that make them mad and let them have something to bitch about.

"It is simply a sorry joke to see a political activist like Al Franken labeled a satirist by The New York Times. Attempting to smear and destroy the reputations of those with whom you politically disagree is not satire. If that were the case, Richard Nixon's Watergate plumbers would all be writing for "Saturday Night Live."

So a political activist can't be a satirist? What about Voltaire? Satire is the oldest form of political activisim. What do you think all those Greek comedies were about (not just sex). It is only natural that the person being made fun of will cry the loudest and say that it isn't satire.

Does this mean that Michael Moore isn't a satirist? Or that the daily show isn't satire? I think the real problem is that Bill O'Reilly knows that he isn't and can't be funny. Satire is hard work, it requires brains and humor. Al isn't really trying to smear you Bill, that's what you do to people.

If Nixons Watergate burglars could write comedy then I wouldn't have any problem with them writing SNL (It's not like they could do worse than most of the people who do write it). Also, since he brings up Watergate, Isn't GG Liddy a friend and admirer of Bill O'Reilly and a successfull radio host?

"It makes me sick to see intellectually dishonest individuals hide behind the First Amendment to spread propaganda, libel and slander. But this is a growing trend in America, where the exchange of ideas often degenerates into verbal mud wrestling with intent to injure. The poo-bahs at The Times know what a smear campaign is, but apparently, if it's directed at an enterprise the paper disapproves of, it's okay. I wonder how The Times' editorialists would react if their faces graced a book cover accompanied by the word "liar." Oh, right, they'd consider it satire."

I think this gets to the heart of the matter, Bill has really had his feelings hurt. I don't agree with Al on the Liar bit. I don't think Bill is lying, he's so far convinced and entrenched in his BS (Belief System) that, much like Michael Jackson and Prince, everything that he does is perfectly normal and rational to him.

I also find it ironic that someone whose show is based on getting people on for interviews and then either yelling at them or talking over them would argue that someone else would decry verbal mud-wrestling with the intent to injure. But then, Bill doesn't actually let anyone he disagrees with get to the point where there's an actual discussion (even Mud Wrestlers have some back and forth) he just shouts over them and tells them they are lying (but that's ok, because it's his show and obviously he knows best, he's a journalist, he hosted Inside Edition for God's sake, the television equivalent of the Enquirer)

I've spent way too much time talking about Bill O'Reilly, but if I don't some of you reading might actaully start thinking he makes alot of sense.

Saturday, August 16, 2003

WMAC Masters

Perhaps you are not like me and don't enjoy good, old-fashioned, crappy martial arts action. This show is auspiciously a kids show that is based around some type of Street Fighter/Pro Wrestling type of competition.

That's all well and good, but when wrestling works the best, even with kids, is when the wrestlers have reasonably believable characters. Is Ying-Yang man a believable character, or a guy called the Robot?

There was a show a while back that tried a brief crossover with WCW wrestling. I dont' remember the name, but it was attempting to be a pro-wrestling/American Gladiators hybrid and it didn't work, because it's characters were like early 90s WWF creations. A construction worker, a generic black gang member, etc. You can't build a show on this.

Oh crap, and this show is trying to be educational. It's teaching me about anagrams. Hey kick-ass martial artists teach you things, like an anagram for Tsunami is I am Nuts

And it has power bars like a video game, and hazard ninjas in suits with glow in the dark tape on them and some type of gas mask. This is some quality stuff here. To think, until they switched the time-slot I was watching USA Championship Wrestling right now most weeks.

Friday, August 15, 2003

Friday Five
1. How much time do you spend online each day?
Usually about 2 hours, mixed between "research" and working on my sites.
2. What is your browser homepage set to?
My own page Filthy Hippy Speak. I have links to all the pages that I visit daily, and it lets me check if there is any feedback on my page.
3. Do you use any instant messaging programs? If so, which one(s)?
I use AOL IM.
4. Where was your first webpage located?
It was on MTSU's Server. One of my pages I created at that time was still there last time I checked. I've since learned not to use quite so many animated gifs.
5. How long have you had your current website?
A little less than a year, but I think that I'm about due to pay for another year of hosting for

Thursday, August 14, 2003

US military pioneers death ray bomb

Don't gamma bombs make Incredible Hulks?

So if we drop gamma bombs on enemies wouldn't that make them into giant green rampaging monsters? I really don't think that's something we want. I'd be more in favor of something like a Nikola Tesla style death ray, perhaps.

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Franken v. Fox News

Franken fires back at Fox suit

"From everything I know about law regarding satire, I'm not worried," liberal satirist Franken said in a statement issued by publishers Penguin Group.

Note to Fox News: You being in the media you should understand that the more of a stink that you make in the media regarding this book, the more it will sell and the more you will have to defend yourself against it.

Also, from my one whole semester of Media Law I believe that the title and cover of the book are protected under parody and satire rights. It is not up to Fox News to decide who is a humorist, popular or not.

Fox said in the suit that Franken flew into a rage near a table of Fox News personalities at a press correspondents' dinner in April and acted "either intoxicated or deranged."

If this is in reference to the televised panel that aired on C-Span, and I think that it is, I hate to tell Fox News, but O'Reily was just as much of a dick as Franken was. Neither of them came out looking golden on the show.

Also, Al researches his books just as much as Bill O'Reily does his, and I'm not defending Al, necessarily, he can be shrill and obnoxious, but it is his right as an American to be shrill and obnoxious if he wants to.

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Terror Firmer
Troma Films: Directed by Lloyd Kaufman

Rarely have I seen a film that delights gleefully in trying so hard to offend everyone. This one tries very hard, but is very, very uneven.

The story is that a serial killer is on the loose and is targeting people involved in the filming of the new Troma movie. Kaufman plays the blind director with a mute daughter who perserveres through the multiple killings to try and make his masterpiece which will have more bullet hits than any movie outside Peckinpah's Wild Bunch and exploding tits.

Oh and there is Ron Jeremy and pickled penises and a Hermaphrodite played by a guy who must have done a few shows pretending to be Tim Curry in a Rocky Horror production. Oh, and lots of pointless nudity, male and female.

I don't know if I can really suggest this film to anyone but the Tromaphiles out there, and they might even find it a bit too much. I laughed quite a bit, but I am quite deranged.

"This is definitely not Chocolate Pudding." Heh.

AOL 8.0 Is Better, and What I'm Reading Now

Since someone made the comment that I never update my page, maybe I'll try a bit harder, but with all these 12 sleeping days I don't know.

Firstly, AOL's new version (8.0) is much better than what I was using (6.0). Tommy graciously allowed me to use his upgrade disc. Nice popup blocker that doesn't crash my computer like the one I got from AnalogX, and I now have kiss on my desktop, what more could you want? The radio AOL is interesting as well, even though my slow connection and crappy speakers don't help.

Secondly, I'm reading a wide variety of books right now including:
  • The Man In the High Castle by Phillip K. Dick--Alternative History written in the 60s where Japan and Germany won WWII. Good so far (5 chapters in). Not so heavy on the sci-fi like the rest of the Dick that I've read (I realize how that sounds). This one even manages to feel contemporary even with the German super rockets blasting to Mars and the Japanese ruling most of American culture.
  • Run With the Hunted: A Charles Bukowski Reader Edited by John Martin--Just started and not much into this yet.
  • 6 Steps to Songwriting Success: The Comprehensive Guide to Writing and Marketing Hit Songs by Jason Blume--Since Joey and I are going to rival the Matrix as the premiere songwriting group (or maybe not).
  • A Small Killing by Alan Moore and Oscar Zarate--It's a very European Graphic Novel.
  • A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess--I'm about halfway through and it is much like the movie. I dig the hyperviolence and the ultimate reality of the world presented. It's interesting reading a book this much in dialect, much like Trainspotting that way.

    I'm reading a few Trade Paperback collections and Graphic novels as well. I find it's best to have something from whatever genre I'm in the mood for available, and I've never really had that much of a problem keeping up with multiple stories at a time.

    But you don't care about that, do you?

    Yep, that's how quickly I turn.

    You know I bought a big Clint Eastwood poster the other day when I locked my keys in my car. It's from one of the spaghetti western's, but I don't know which one. He's looking quite the Roland of Gilead though, big revolvers and all.

    It goes well with my foam skull and hulk fists. I think I'll buy another foam skull at halloween this year.
  • Monday, August 11, 2003

    In case you were wondering, and I'm pretty sure you weren't, we started getting in Halloween stuff at work yesterday.

    We're only half way through August and we're getting ready for Halloween?

    Saturday, August 09, 2003

    Maybe This Should Be Called BigStupidBill

    I think all of you out there know that I’m a pretty forgetful person. I remember the important stuff, birthdays and whatnot (usually), I remember to put on pants most of the time when I go out, but sometimes things just slip my mind. I’m prone to overlooking things when I get distracted. The bad thing is how easily I get distracted.

    For instance, earlier, whilst I was in the shower (Yes I do bathe occasionally), the whistling of the wind by my auditory orifices which sounded so much like the jug bands of my youth caused me to forget to rinse the shampoo out of my hair. I didn’t notice until I went to dry my hair, so intent on humming the good old timey melodies I was.

    So the point is that I’m forgetful.

    So Friday morning as I was getting off from work and about to get in my truck it wasn’t really that surprising when I couldn’t find my keys in any of my pockets. I finally found them after a few frantic minutes of searching, but unfortunately I found them hanging from the ignition of the truck.

    After one of my trademark heavy sighs I headed back into the store to hunt for something to break into my vehicle with. Once at Food Lion I used a bailing wire to open a lady’s door when she locked in her keys with her car running, so I tried the same thing on my truck to no avail. I just couldn’t get the wire inside the door.

    I went back into the store to borrow a screwdriver (since no one around me in the parkinglot had one available, I had one, but it happened to be inside the truck), and I saw a Police Officer shopping. I asked him if he could help, but he said that they weren’t allowed to unless there was a child or an animal in the car, or the car was running, and he suggested that I call the Sheriff’s department since they would do it.

    After trying to break in with the screwdriver I decided to heed his advice, but the phone at work wouldn’t let me dial the number so I had to use the pay phone (apparently it costs sixty cents to call the 898 prefix from that pay phone, or it did me), and they sent an officer over.

    I signed the waiver form and he went to work with a slim jim. He worked on the door for about 30 minutes before giving up. It seems that my truck is inordinately hard to break into, which is good most of the time, but not at that moment.

    He called in to the station and asked if another officer who had the newer break in kit could come and help me.

    The new kit consists of an airbag that is inflated in the crack of the door to widen the gap enough to slip through a teflon coated wire that is used to flip the lock inside the vehicle. That’s great if the airbag doesn’t have a hole in it, which the officer’s did.

    Instead he used a wedge of plastic to open the door enough and after about twenty minutes he was able to open the door.

    Total time spent sitting outside feeling like an idiot--Two Hours. Total money spent--sixty cents.

    Much cheaper than the $45 I would have had to spend on a locksmith.

    I think there is a good argument for getting a spare key here.
    Although he has not finished collecting the 65 signatures or paid the $3,500 to place himself on the ballot, Rightmyer thinks he has just as good a chance as any other unknown candidate.

    "Although I see myself as 50- to-1 odds, I think it's a prime time for a leader to step forward,' he said.

    It only takes 65 signatures to get on the ballot in California? Tell me that's a typo there. It takes at least 650 right? When one of the guys I worked with ran for city council he needed something like 200 signatures. That's for city council.

    The $3,500 should take care of most of the real wackos though.

    Do you really think that Gary Coleman has $3,500 to spare?
    You know, in the California governer's race it's Big Arnold v. Little Arnold. I still hope that Larry Flynt wins.

    Monday, August 04, 2003

    i'm in gryffindor!
    Tommy pointed out the quiz. I'm in Gryffindor, even though I said I should be in Slytherin. There must be some kindof reverse psychology at work there, where if you say you should be in the dark house, then you must not be telling the truth, so we'll put you in the good house.
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