Monday, December 09, 2002

Here we go with some more thoughts on the WB's Charmed.

In today's episode a demon named Abraxes steals the book of shadows from the Charmed ones and (cue dramatic music) begins reading it backwards from the astral plane to turn the spells evil and undo what they have done.

Ive got a few problems with it, and here they go:
  • The demon is reading the book backwards right, which is bringing the demons they have vanquished back by reversing the spell. What if he reads spells they haven't cast backwards. What happens then? How do you reverse something that hasn't happened yet?
  • Something I thought of, why do they have a spellbook to vanquish spefic demons with spells that can only be used one time? Why wouldn't whoever wrote the book just have used the spells then to vanquish all the demons. Or, for that matter, why don't the Charmed ones just start at the beginning and vanquish everyone? Couldn't they get rid of all of the demons at once that way, make a weekend of it. Put on a pot of coffee and get rid of all the demons.
  • What kind of witches are they that they can't even find the Astral Plane. Not only can't they find it, but they didn't even know what it is. It's like they think all there is to using magic is reading a spell from a book and using their limited powers and there is no way to expand on that. There have been other witches in the show that haven't had any inherent powers, they just used magic through study. You would think that at least one of them would decide to, I don't know, read a book about magic or something. Hit the library. Read some books, practice a little. It's not like you can become a professional baseball player by just being good. You have to practice a bit, work at it some.
  • Alyssa Milano is very attractive. Not a complaint, just a compliment.
  • If they'd read a book, maybe they'd learn some protection spells. A ward here, a ward there, maybe then all these demons wouldn't keep wandering into their house. They don't seem to have ever heard of a pentacle.
  • A little divination magic wouldn't hurt them either.
    Anyway, enough contemplation of Charmed, or as I like to call it, Buff Light.

    That's that Mattress Man.
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