Tuesday, December 17, 2002

Well, I see that Variety is not reporting any of my films as in the works-must speak with agent about this.

On to other news.
I see on the Drudge Report
  • today that a teen has died "imitating" a stunt called car surfing from the show Jackass. Hmmm. I know the family is probably upset, but really, is this a big loss here? I see this as a bit of thinning the heard. Others might not feel the same way, but I think the show is providing a valuable tool for the improvement of our species.
  • Minelli and Gest are sueing VH1 for $23 million for not airing their show. Oh if only E! had the good sense not to show Anna Nichole. I don't care what "celebrities" do in their real lives, especially not B-grade celebrities. I wish people like Gest and Whitney Houston and Jacko and Mariah Carey would just fall off the face of the Earth and allow the species to advance (maybe one of the networks could put together a Jackass style show for B-grade celebs that no one wants to see anymore and put them in truly precarious, possibly fatal situations. I would watch that) By the way I didn't know Paul Ruebens had been arrested for kiddie Porn possession. That wasn't on the Drudgereport, but it was on The Smoking Gun under their celebrity Mug-Shot area. Take a look at Yasmine Bleeth, that sure ain't a pretty picture.
  • Really I don't care what Trent Lott said, and no I don't think he should resign. The people of his state elected him, and if he should leave it should be them who decide it. This is a silly and pointless controversy. I care about his opinions only as far as he votes on them. If he begins supporting racialy biased legislation, then perhaps there is a problem, but come on people, there's no real evidence of that, and everybody occasionally makes a dunderheaded remark. I'm glad I'm only famous In Japan, where they revere me unto like a God, and my words are infallible and my wishes are swiftly carried out. If I had something like "if only Barry Goldwater had been elected president, then we wouldn't have all this war and whatnot going on." Then by-God the good people of Japan would be dilligently at work perfecting a time machine to go back and change history for the better.
      McDonald's has posted it's first ever losses. Time to bring back the Mc-Rib.
        Also it seems that California is about to be washed away by giant Tsunami like waves. Finally Bill Hick's dream is realized. ARIZONA BAY HERE I COME!

        I will neither vouch for Tommy nor verify his existance.

        You have been warned.
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