Monday, December 02, 2002

How many awards shows can VH1 do? They already have the My VH1 awards, the Fashion Awards, and now the Big in 2002 awards show. I think there should be an awards show channel, that way they're all there in one easy to find place. We could run awards for everything-movies, music, fashion, magazine journalism, cynical-no-talent grocery stockers with no drive who write web-pages that no one read and don't ever seem to leave their apartment except to go to work (I'd be a shoe in for that award, if there weren't so many others out there just like me, who dress like me, cuss like me and don't give a F*ck like me, that's right, I'm Slim Shady).

But seriously, why? I know they're cheap to produce and fill up three hours of air-time, but why?

Today's foreign language quote comes from G.E. Lessing who wrote:
Ein einziger dankbarer Gedanke gen Himmel ist das vollkommenste Gebet.

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