Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Sound Off, 9/14/04

More opinions from the fine folks of Athens and its surrounding communities.

(The State) takes the children from their meth-making parents, who lose custody for a while. They wait for court date, so then these parents are child-free. With no responsibilities, they pretty much get to party on while someone else is taking care of their "responsibilites." So, tell us, how does this help anyone? Because you know, as well as I do, these parents don't just stop using or making these drugs. The kids are the ones that are hurt by all of this. I say stop smacking these parents on their hands and make them responsible.

Damn those meth-makers and their partying after the state takes away their children. I think the thing the person here answers their own question about how does this help anyone. It is a case of the state trying to help the children so they don't get accidentaly blown up, or harmed from the fumes or any of the dangers that go along with meth production. I say the people who have their children taken should party it up for the short period of time before they are carted off to jail.

This is for the woman who walked around parking lots at shopping centers helping herself to the "Support Our Troops" ribbons on other people's cars. Our community truly supports our troops and...all you are support is your...habit. I hope the judge throws the book at you, lady.

I was unaware of this woman and her addiction to magnetic ribbons. I would think that would have to be one for the journals. I would have to say that you run the risk of someone taking anything off of your car that isn't stuck on with glue. That's why god invented bumper stickers not bumper magnets.

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