Wednesday, March 05, 2003

From Tommy's list of the top ten films of all time:
2. DefCon 4
Absolutely the scariest movie of all time. So scary, that I've never seen it. Bill told me it was scary, and if it scares Bill, it would kill me. It's the second greatest movie of all time.

A bit of explanation is in order here. I don't think that I've ever seen the movie all the way through either. It's about a space station that has nuclear missles on it, and in the beginning there is a big nuclear war and the station gets the orders to drop the missles on Russia and the crew members fight over whether or not to drop them while they watch these big explosions from space. The way I remember it the effects are really good, which means they are, in the words of the great Philipe Jones, some suck. I think they just used big flashes of color on a monitor screen.

Anyway after awhile the crew decides to put down to earth to see if there are any survivors and whatnot. The escape pod lands and it lands on a beach with the hatch down and they start digging out and one the hear people up above and one of the crew members reaches up to try to get out of the sand and whatnot and the other crewmembers are like "No you idiot, don't do that, they might be irradiated freaks or something!" (I'm paraphrasing here). Then that guy turns around and is like "No I hear them it's o.k. you pussies" and then he gets yanked violently up and out of the pod by his arm.

And I don't know what happens after that, that's the point where I change the channel. I think it's about 15 minutes into the movie. Scariest 15 minutes in all of movie history.

I have a bit of the cold war paranoia about nuclear war so those types of movies always scare me, except for Red Dawn, but that's because Patrick Swayzee is in it so I feel safe. I always feel safe when he's around. I know he would protect me from the atom bombs.

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