Wednesday, March 12, 2003

From now on I will be referred to as King of Customer Service. A woman came in tonight and was “Getting ready for the war.” She was buying many cases of water, Spam and Coffee. She was also buying flashlights and sleeping bags and apparently she has already spent over $1000 dollars on supplies for her “dugout” on her 15 acres of land, including a generator and a freezer.

She said people keep looking at her like she is crazy.

I walked around with her for about 30 minutes helping her find all of the things that she needed which filled up one of our L-Carts (probably about $250-$300 worth of stuff. The final thing that she wanted we had to stop for and go into automotives. She needed Tweety air fresheners. “Oh, aren’t they cute.” she said.

John Adams in frozen said it was probably because it can get pretty rank and stale down there in a bunker, being as they are airtight and all.

Apparently she has inside information from someone in the military. I do not doubt the veracity of her comments.

She was also going to give me a tip for my help, but I turned her down. She offered to “buy my lunch,” but when I refused she said she would come back and bring me lunch one night.

As long as that lunch is not Spam and coffee it’s cool with me.

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