Thursday, November 06, 2003

This and That

...Saw Matrix: Revolutions, I'll probably have something longer to say about it later, but for now I'll just say there was a bit too much talky-talky in it. They could have done better to let the visuals speak for the film, even on the philosophical stuff. It was like watching a movie written by Chris Claremont or Jim Starlin...way heavy on exposition.

...Picked up some new DVD's today: Immortal Combat starring Roddy Piper and Sonny Chiba, terrible, terrible stuff; God Told Me Too and Carnival of Souls double feature; Jin Roh; The Rutger Hauer Action Pack: Escape From Sobibor, Beyond Justice and Cold Blood; and The Third Man Criterion Collection. Hopefully I'll get to watch them all pretty soon.

...also picked up Pearl Jam's 6-25-00 show from Berlin, bringing me closer to my incredibly obsessive goal of acquiring all of their live discs (only about 45 more to go).

...reading Wolves of the Calla, the new Dark Tower novel, and it's pretty good. So far it looks to me like he's going in the direction with the books that I thought he was earlier. More on this after I finish the book.

...there was an add before the Matrix movie with a stuntman who first talked about how much he loves making movies and how much it means to him, then it hits with a bit about how if somebody downloads a film or bootlegs it it takes money away from him and his family and that is a crime (or some shit like that). That's just a shitty way of making their point. I seriously doubt that this guy gets backend points on the film or merchandising, he was paid to do a job and that's that. He gets paid when the film is made, no matter how much it makes or doesn't make. Maybe thinking that makes me an asshole, but, hey, like anyone is surprised by that.

...speaking of shit, that was a word that was used alot in the Matrix film. It was like they were told "We'll let you say shit and damn but no f-bombs."

...the new crop of comic-book movies is not exactly inspiring me. Be it Man Thing or The Punisher, I am not impressed with what I am seeing right now. Constantine starring Keanu worries me the most. They've taken one of my favorite characters and changed him from a late 40-ish British chainsmoking asshole into Keanu. Maybe it'll be good, but I doubt it seriously.

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