Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Bathroom Reading

Tommy has a sci-fi anthology on the back of the toilet that I've flipped through a number of times when I forget to bring my book in with me. I've read part of a few of the stories, but most of them are too long for me to read in one sitting and I forget about them.

One that wasn't too long for me to read was Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

Link to a probably copyright infringing copy of the story is here

It's a pretty good little story that I think could be a pretty good bigger story if it was given the chance. It reminds me quite a bit of Warren Ellis' stories in his book Available Light, just short little scenes really.

Alot can be done with this format, but it leaves me wanting more of the story alot of the time. I realize the Vonnegut story was just a short thing for a pulp magazine, but it just has the feel of alot of Phillip K Dick's stories where they just seem to wrap up to nicely and quickly.

I like it though.

Honestly it's the only Vonnegut I've ever read. I'm a bad, bad pseudo-intellectual.

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