Thursday, October 23, 2003

Can a Darkhawk Revamp Be Far Behind?

Why in the hell would anyone want to bring back Sleepwalker?

For those of you who don't know it was a moderately stupid to completely stupid comic character from the early 90s sucktastic period of Marvel comics where anyone who could hold a pencil or could write more than two words in a row (any words mind you, and the row didn't have to be all that straight) could get a multi-book deal from Marvel. Sleepwalker is a big green alien guy who wore purple clothes and legwarmers who could only come out when his alter-ego was asleep. Sortof like Freddy Krueger as a good guy, only with ill-defined powers.

He was from the same era as Darkhawk and the poster child for that era Slapstick the cartoon superhero.

I won't lie, I have most of the three year run of the original Sleepwalker somewhere in my 30 some odd long boxes of comics, due to 5-for-a-dollar sales and the like. I like Brett Blevins' artwork (He was the guy who did New Mutants before the New Mutant Rob Liefeld took over). He draws the pretty women and, no matter what Phillipe Jones will tell you, I think he did a fine job on people's faces. He has a bit of a cartoony style, but much like Terry Moore over on Strangers in Paradise, he still makes it work believably.

But seriously, why the hell would you want to revive this book? Is the clamor for it that deafening? It's a bit like having Terry Taylor come in and wrestle at your promotion, it won't really hurt you in the long run, but what's the point?

I guess if it keeps one more Spider-Man/X-Men book from starting up, it's good, but pointless.

Marvel needs to work on fixing the books it has, then branch out into some new stuff. I'm not for the closing down of the Epic line before it really begins, but Sleepwalker is not the route to go.

By the way, Marvel comics guys, if you are reading, I have a really great pitch for a new Night Thrasher comic that I think would really sell.

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