Saturday, May 24, 2003

Putin orders the clouds not to rain on his parade

Firstly, it's a Rootin Tootin Putin Parade!!

He could have just asked me, you know. I'd make sure it wouldn't rain. I am well known for my cloudbursting technologies.

The US Government would just use the H.A.R.P. array if they wanted to do the same thing, but I think they should use it to cause an earthquake or something over there in St. Petersberg, that'd show Ivan.

On a different note, if I want to not wear my seatbelt in my car, I think that I should be able to. If I then hit someone or something with my car, I'm the only one that would be impacted by my not wearing a safetybelt. I do wear a seatbelt most of the time, but I think the Click it, or Ticket commercials come off as a big brother type of thing. If I don't want to wear a parachute when I jump out of a plane, I shouldn't have to, or if I want to walk on gravel or hot pavement with no shoes, then by goodess, I should be able to. I dont' think the government should force me to be safe any more than they should be able to tell me I have to have car insurance.

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