Thursday, May 01, 2003

Brief Review of An Evening With Kevin Smith

Gunny said he thought this two disc set was a way to bilk Smith’s fans out of more money. That’s probably true, and that’s why I bought the thing, but then again I have quite a bit of Kiss merchandise as well.

This is a compilation of footage at question and answer sessions that Kevin held at various Universities, and follows the question and answer format, with a large helping of thoughtful wandering. Jason Mewes aka Jay also makes an appearance at a few of the shows and answers questions as well.

I had to split the viewing of the two discs up, because four hours of just Kevin Smith talking is a bit much for one sitting, but I enjoyed the whole thing. Kevin comes across as very personable and easy to get along with. He shares stories about his involvement not just with his own films, but also with an as yet unreleased (and probably never to be released) documentary on fans views of Prince’s last album as well as a little too much information about his first sexual encounter with his wife.

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