Monday, November 03, 2008

Pre-Election Letter

BST has a tradition of addressing his internet prayers as letters to Superman, and tonight I would like to respectfully borrow from this tradition.

Dear Superman,

I know that we don't talk that much anymore, but there are a few really important things that I'd like to ask for this election season. I've held off on this until the last minute, much like the entirety of my life's Christmas shopping, but I think that it's better late than never.

We've got a big election here in the U.S.A. tomorrow (lot's of little ones too), I'd just like to ask that you make sure that everyone is able to get out and vote if they want to. I don't really care if they vote with me or agin me, it just does my world good that they do.

Please make sure that there is enough certainty in the election results that there can be no real question from either side that the 'lection is Super-Validated. Please keep an eye on the polls.

Please make sure that whoever wins that they don't just do what they think is right for the country, but that they make the right decisions that should be made and everything works out in the end.

Superman, I know that the most that you can do (unless you are written by John Byrne) to influence people is use your Super-Powers, Super-Smugness, and Super-Intimidation, but If you could make sure that if the guy that I'm voting for wins that he does what is best and remembers that the crazies in his party aren't always right and that at the very least I am voting for him in the hopes that he has good judgment when he is in office and is able to work for the betterment of us all.

Bizarro, if the opposite happens and the other guy wins, please don't make sure that he does not also do a bad job of things and looks out only for himself.

All I'd really like, Superman, is that whoever wins tomorrow that our country is able to put a lot of this ugly-assed 85-year election behind us and that our incoming President is able to unify everyone (except the crazies), and is able to move us into a more positive future.

Thanks, I'll let you get back to reporting, fighting Metallo, or Super-Crocheting now.

Your Pal (no, not Jimmy Olsen or Bibbo),


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