Monday, November 03, 2008

Long Voting Lines

Just a short note:

Seeing the long voting lines at early voting locations across the country on the news, I couldn't help but be reminded of 1990 and the opening night of a little film called Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Our Carmike Theater here in Athens is now closed but on that night the line stretched around the building what I remember was about five times. I--in my TMNT screen printed shirt from Jekyll Island, Ga., and my mysterious friend Bill, in his season inappropriate jacket and four giant buttons, one of each turtle--stood in that line for quite some time to get into the movie (it was awesome by the way, well worth the wait). The line around the building looked a lot like the ones in this story, only there were many, many more children and, if possible, even more irritated looking adults.

The point is, I think that voting is just as awesome as TMNT the movie, but standing in line is not that awesome. But sometimes standing in a big ass line is necessary to get to something awesome.

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Anonymous said...

i can't help thinking it's awesome that there has been such long lines all over... people taking a greater interest in public issues is always a good thing

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