Thursday, November 18, 2004

Total ReCarl

Gotta love that Carl. He just wants to live his life and work outta the home, but those food monsters next door just keep on messing with his life.

There he was, just trying to hide in his house and avoid the FryMonster. They talk him into taking a dump in a high-tech toilet situated in his front yard, and he ends up getting all chopped up until he's only left as a head attached to the FryMan's computer.

Frylock makes it so that his computer can translate Carl's thoughts into words, and, lo and behold, he ain't too happy. What are the words that Frylock feels the need to insulate Meatwad's innocent eyes from? Well let's have a look, shall we?

That Carl, dropping multiple F-Bombs on cable television, but wouldn't you?

I know I would.

Carl Laments

Meat-Wad F-Bombs

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