Friday, November 26, 2004

Moon gas may solve Earth's energy crisis

There's a joke here, but I'm too big a person to make it.

Ok, no I'm not.

I got enough moon gas to fuel the whole planet.

But, seriously, Moon Gas? Is that the reason that W wants to go back to the moon? Do we really want giant gas filled canisters hurtling towards earth, going through re-entry at incredibly high temperatures?

And the key to all this would be basically burning the moon and huffing the fumes into our space ships.

How about we figure out how to harness the power of the sun? You know, really figure out how to use solar power, or wind power, or drive our cars on frickin used vegetable oil from all our fast food restaurants. If McDonald's was smart they'd figure out they had a gold mine there if they'd just hook up with some auto companies to fully develop the technology.

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