Saturday, October 30, 2004

Watch What Your Co-Workers Are Doing

By way of Daily Rotten:

Detroiter faces charges in sword slaying of plant co-worker
"A 30-year-old man, who said he'd been bullied for months at the plant where he worked, fashioned a piece of metal into a sword and killed a co-worker, police said... The slaying occurred shortly before 11:50 p.m. Wednesday at Peerless Metal Co., in the 6300 block of West Fort at Livernois. When officers arrived at the plant they found the body of Anthony Williams, 40, lying on the shop floor. He almost had been decapitated in the attack. Police arrested the Detroit man, who was sitting in a chair about 20 feet away from the body smoking a cigarette and drinking a beer. His clothes were blood-splattered and he was the only other person in the building, police said."

That's the true story, here's how I think it went, CSI flashback style:

"Hey stupid, what'cha doin?" Tony asks as Chet presses the thin, two foot bar of metal against the grinder, sending a bright fan of sparks back into his face, singing his skin and clothes.

After a few unanswered seconds Tony asks, "I said, 'Hey stupid, what'cha doin?"

Chet flips the power switch on the grinder and holds the smoking metal up and examines its glowing edge.

"Maybe I should make myself easier to understand...What," Tony starts, punctuating each following word with a sharp poke to Chet's chest, "are (poke), you (poke), doing (poke), shithead (poke-poke)?"

"Making a sword to kill you with." Chet Sighs and holds the metal out straight, staring down its length.

"Right." Tony says and walks off.

The lesson here is if you work in a metal shop and constantly pick on somebody pay attention if they look like they're making a weapon.

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