Friday, October 15, 2004

Movie Time

Team America: World Police

This isn't a laugh a minute movie. There are plenty of laughs there, but this is more of a situational humor movie. More funny strange rather than funny ha-ha.

A kid behind me said to someone else behind me "Do you realize how boring this movie is?"

It isn't really boring, just played very straight for the most part.

This is a big summer action film with puppets and a bit of crude humor thrown in.

Did I laugh? Yes.

As much as at Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle? No.

But this isn't that type of movie.

I agree with Roger Ebert that this movie doesn't really have a point to put forward, other than people should make up their own minds about the war on Terror, and that celebrities don't know any more about things than anyone else does.

Not as funny as South Park, but neither was There's My Bush.

Three Babes

Dirty Shame

This is a hard movie to define. It reminds me of Troma's Terror Firmer, but with a much bigger budget. It feels like it's going out of its way to offend people, and in doing so comes off as quite a bit less offensive.

Then again, any movie with an extended head-butting scene can't be all bad.

I'm not a big John Waters fan, and this movie isn't going to turn me into one, but it isn't a one star film like Roger Ebert says it is, but it's not a four star either.

To me, Tracy Ullman is the female equivalent of Martin Short. Neither is very funny, but, occasionaly, given the right director and script to reign in their scenery chewing muggery, can be adequate.

Ullman is mostly adequate here.

So is Johnny Knoxville, who seems to be pretty much Johnny Knoxville.

"Let's Go Sexing!"

Two Babes

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