Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Crazy and Convoluted

I've never watched the television series TimeCop. I've seen the Jean-Claude movie, and I've read a bit of the comic, but I was flipping by today and I had to share the description of the show from DishNetwork:

Logan and Eliot Ness work together to stop the Ripper who has joined forces with Al Capone, from retrieving his time machine.

Firstly, the Ripper (Jack I assume) has a time machine? Secondly, isn't this just a bit far reaching? Without watching the show, how and, more importantly, why would Jack the Ripper team up with Al Capone, who he knows nothing about? If he gained control of a time machine (or had one as the preview suggests) wouldn't he go for someone like, I don't know, Attila the Hun? Or Dracula, now that would be cool.

It's like a plot from one of the terrible seasons of Sliders.

Time Trax was never that convoluted.

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