Thursday, December 11, 2003

The Simple Rich Girls Life

I had the pleasure of being subjected to my first viewing of an episode of Paris Hilton and Lionel Richie's Daughter's wonderful fish-out-of-water show "The Simple Life" while in Athens, as well as some of MTV's "Rich Girls."

Ahhh Television.

I think I am a bit offended by the way that SL manages to make fun of the Arkasas family and town that are in the show. Look at the bumpkins, ain't they so silly. There is a bit of the same backhandedness towards the stars as in the Anna Nicole Smith Show, but not as much. Whereas Anna is pretty stupid and everyone in the show except her is in on the fact that that's what the show is about, SL is about the girls knowing that they will try to spin it that way and trying their damndest to make themselves look like the fun-loving party girls.

The reason the show doesn't really work for me is that there is no consequences to anything that the two do. During the show they jerked off on the job at Sonic, doing things that would have gotten pretty much anyone else fired. They were kept on because of the cameras. I also liked the fact that the show seemed to want to portray Sonic as something that only exists in the rural south, when I know for a fact that there are sonic's at least as far north as Kentucky and as far west as Texas.

So what did they get for wandering off the job, writing juvenile things on the sign out front, and being "aren't we so cool, look how we can make fun of the yocals without them realizing it" asses? They get a paycheck at the end of the day and a talking to from the family patriarch that they're staying with.

Maybe if there were consequences to their actions; say the father or their bosses at work had the ability to take money away from the no-doubt big payday they'll get for the show. For instance, say they decide not to do any chores around the house one day, well that's $10K off each off what they make, do it again and it's $20K. In the end they could end up owing money to the family (Not that that would be a big thing to Hilton), that might be a better show.

Which brings us to Rich Girls.

Actually I don't think it does. I'm not even going to waste more space talking about that show, we'll just leave it at that.

I wonder if Charmed is on?

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