Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Jangle bells makes them crazy

An Austrian trade union has claimed the repetitive playing of Christmas Carols in department stores is nothing short of "psycho-terrorism" for salespeople.

From morning to night, for weeks before Christmas, there was the same Christmas music in department stores over and over again, said Gottfried Rieser of the Union of Private Employees.

"Many staff in the retail sector suffer psychologically from it. They get aggressions and aversions against Christmas music. On Christmas Eve with their families, they can't stand Silent Night or Jingle Bells any more," he said.

Yes, we all know it's Christmas time, but the stores don't need to beat it into your heads. I think it becomes apparant if you are in stores that play an excess of Christmas tunes that there are only so many versions of songs out there.

It'll be nice when January rolls around for just this reason.

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