Sunday, September 14, 2008

Zombie Story, pt. 1

Watching a lot of Zombie stories here lately. Decided to write something Zombie-ish, here's part 1:

Your first instinct, mine too, is to get someplace big like a mall, or a town hall, or a hospital, but your instinct is wrong. Big is good to get you lots of people, but big is also good to get you overrun.

Your first instincts are what get you killed.

Second instincts are good, third instincts are best.

Trust me. The first place I went was the mall. I guess I watched Dawn of the Dead a few too many times and thought it would be a great place to spend the Zombie Apocalypse. All it was was burning and so full of those things you couldn't even pretend to wade through them.

This was in the beginning when some of them were still fast and smart, before they really started falling apart. I hit the local mall thinking I'd find survivors and supplies and I ended up finding neither.

It's not like even in the beginning these things are too hard to handle in a one on one situation. Even the fast and smart ones aren't really that fast and smart. A moderately fast guy on crutches can outmaneuver one of the fast ones.

I saw that happen outside the hospital.

A group of them though--a group of them would take out a Jamaican sprinter.

I haven’t really seen any of them that can take out a truck though.

Just keep the doors locked and the windows up and your eyes open is the best way to go. They’ll bang on the windows, but unless they get clogged up under your wheels you’re good to go.

I think I spent the first few hours running around in shock like everyone else. You don’t really have a way to plan for the Zombie Apocalypse, even if you think you do. I’ve seen Fulci and Romero and Shaun of the Dead and lots of the regional zombie films, and nothing really prepared me for this. The only real thing that I brought away from any of those is to keep my eyes open and be distrustful of the security that groups bring.

Groups just bring you problems.

It’s not that being alone is all that much fun either, but I will take being alone to being left at risk by someone else's problems.

Not that groups of people are a real problem at this point. It's been forty-seven days since I saw or heard from a non-Zombie. In the beginning there was chatter all over the short wave and CB. The television and internet were alive with reports from all over, then, after about a week those started to trickle out and then they stopped.

Now it's radio silence.

All quiet on every front.

Power is still on in a lot of places because my wireless card still picks up the net, but there haven't been any new youtube videos or blog reports in quite a while. I can look out my front door and see an enticing amount of nothing and lack of activity which makes me want to go out and see what's going on, but at the same time all quiet doesn't necessarily mean all dead and not moving.

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