Saturday, September 06, 2008

Unify through disunity

There's nothing like forming your own group to work on unifying everyone else's groups. Presidential elections are a prime time for this type of thing and there seem to be brand new groups popping up all the time. Don't let the fact that some of them may be run by people they seem to be trying to oppose and that some of them are just arms of other organizations that already exist, that's beside the point, really.

Here are a few of those groups, more as I find them:

Unity 08: Law and Order's Hang 'Em High McCoy stumped for this group earlier in the year, but, unfortunately the man has brought them down already. This is an arm of the AARP, but they do have the coolest logo. Founded by ManBearPig hunter and popularly elected president of the US, Al Gore. This one is more of an environmental one, and you can guess. Star power to find unity in something or other. Autobot campaign using the matrix of leadership to light our darkest hour.

Hope all that was helpful.

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