Monday, September 01, 2008

Spin, Spin, Spin

Watching James Carville being completely flummoxed by how to argue against Sarah Palin with Rep. Michele Bachmann because it seems like the Republicans are spinning so fast on trying to back up a position here that they run the risk of catching fire.

"She easily has more qualifications than Sen. Obama and Sen. Biden combined if you look at executive experience. She's been in an executive position for two years. She's made very tough positions.

She's looked her own party in the eye and said enough with your corruption and she says throw the bums out. She has delivered and she knows how to get things done."

--Michele Bachmann

I like the confusion from Carville trying to distance from attacks on the teen-pregnancy angle and the showing of the picture of the town in Alaska that Palin was mayor of.

How is it that this can at the same time be a horrible negative for McCain, but a positive as well.

It seems from Bachmann that there are already talking points and catch phrases that they have been given to use.

Also interesting on a panel with three women and one man where the man was the one supporting a female presidential candidate and one of the women is for Obama there is someone arguing that to question the qualifications of Palin is offensive to women.

"They tout her experience as mayor of this town in Alaska. This is a picture of the city hall. It looks like a bait shop in south Louisiana."

--James Carville

Republicans and Hillary attacked Obama for a lack of experience in foreign policy and a lack of experience overall, but now are all a twitter for someone who has been governor of Alaska for less than two years and saying she has more experience (albeit Bachmann then qualified it as executive experience) than Obama or Biden put together.

So executive position (albeit governor of Alaska)trumps Senator since 1973 in experience.

Spin Republicans spin.

I think they went all in on the Flop with a K-Q on suit in heads up, but they're really going to need to pull out that gut-shot straight draw on the river.

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