Friday, February 25, 2005

Darius Rucker and Cursed

Check out Vern at AICN's review of Wes Craven's new film Cursed. I laughed more than twice. From the sound of it the review is about twenty times better than the movie. I especially liked this part about making films by committee.

This is not a process that works. You can't have somebody half finish a script, then start filming, then tell them you want something else and have them rewrite it, then when it's finished try to cut it into something else you thought of later. How many times can you make that mistake and not figure out what's what? I'm telling you guys, you just can't make a good movie the way you are trying to make movies. You can't even make a good sandwich that way. You'd end up with peanut butter and dijon mustard, with lightning bolt shaped bread that has jalapeno cheese sauce in the crust, and a little screen made out of white chocolate that you can use to look up football scores and download the new song by Ludacris. These people cannot be trusted to make decisions about art or entertainment. They should not be allowed out of their houses.

Also, Darius Rucker has officially hit the bottom with his new Burger King Tender Crisp Sandwich Cowboy Video Commercial. At least he's gotten me and others to notice him again though.

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