Monday, June 07, 2004

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The Day After Tomorrow

Much with the Destructo here.

For the 'science' behind the film consult The Coming Global Superstorm, by Art Bell and Whitley Strieber.

Yeah, so the science in this film might not be so hot, but there is some basis for a massive global climate shift having happened in the past in much this manner (you know, the ice-age and all), and the movie follows the events that were set up in the book, complete with the bit about the temperature buoys in the North Atlantic showing a massive drop in temperature, but that's all pushed onto the back burner with the slightly unrealistic manner that Dennis Quaid's character acts in the film and the almost Dickensian reliance on coincidence to add drama (why exactly at the beginning does Quaid feel the need to risk his life for core samples that they could get again, and for that matter what are the odds that in the entirety of Antarctica they would choose the exact location that a fissure would open to set up their drill?).

Did that last paragraph make any sense at all?

The star of this film, as in all disaster films is the destructo, of which there is much.

Much destructo.

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