Friday, October 18, 2002

I was just thinking about the world's only ass kicking machine, and I was wondering, how do they know it's the world's only one? I'm sure in the wide world of creation, throughout time there has been the urge and drive by some to create such ass kicking constructions.

In fact I have no doubt that in some remote region there is an ass kicking machine waiting to be re-discovered. The Greeks were smart people, so were the Incas. They all liked to kick ass too.
I e-mailed Martin at the screensavers and suggested that they build one on the screensavers set. I think it would liven the place up a bit. It would be an interesting twist for their show. Instead of Patrick destroying computers with a sledgehammer, they could kick their asses. If computers have asses that is. I'm sure I-macs do.

I watch alot of Tech-tv, sometimes I think they're my only friends.

I have to watch out, or this will become every other blog, some social reject whining about how they can't get a date or don't have any friends, because they are sitting behind the computer all day, or night as the case is with myself.

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