Wednesday, October 09, 2002

Back after all this time to bring you the joy and happiness your life is lacking.
I was watching Charmed today on TNT, and I don't think that I've ever seen a show that tries so hard to have good writing and fails, badly. The writer's knowledge of the occult seems to be drawn from children's mythology books, possibly of the pop-up variety, and a lot of episodes of Bewitched with a little bit of Practical Magic thrown in.
I can't really blame Holly Marie Combs (sp?) for her terrible acting in part of the episode, though. How is she supposed to know how a Zen master would act and talk, much less be able to do it. It would be like asking Martin Short to be funny, or William Shatner to grow hair.
They are attractive girls though. I think the world would be a bit of a different place if magic were as simple as reading a spell from an old book or cooking a potion according to ingredients listed in the same book. (a book of shadows nonetheless, I haven't caught whose book of shadows it is though, and it doesn't look to me to be the homemade type).
Ah, well a real show about magic, now that would be just plain boring. Imagine it, some guy or girl does a lot of reading and meditating, then performs a ritual or to says that the thing is done, does a banishing ritual, and then...nothing. For the spell to be truly successfull it has to be forgotten. It's too bad magic takes effort, and isn't just something you can do and make, say a million dollars appear in front of you immediatly by saying a rhyming couplet.
But they're sisters, and they're hot.
Perhaps this is an incredibly clever show about magic, only of the prestidigitation variety. Pay no attention to the flimsy plots and acting. Do not delve to deeply into the meaning or the research of the writers, watch as three attractive sisters wear revealing clothing and, much as on friends, always seem to be in cold rooms with thin shirts.
Where's my remote?

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