Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Switch

From a recent Rolling Stone:

Can the Internet-service providers put an end to file-sharing at the flick of a switch? That's the theory floating around at one major label, at least. "Once the ISPs get involved in content, once they have a stake in it, they'll put an end to downloading," says one executive, whose IT department has suggested that the ISPs can block P2Ps almost as easily as throwing a switch. "Right now the ISPs' foremost concern is getting high-speed internet into homes--that's their business model. And look how they advertise it: 'Quicker to download photos and music.' People don't download music legally." (bold mine)

This quote shows some of the complete and utter lunacy that pervades the music industry. It is irrelevant to me whether or not ISPs can block P2P services easily. It is also irrelevant to the piracy of music because if they shut down one service or file-type such as bittorent another will spring up almost immediately. They can block bittorents as recent AP investigations have shown, but that is not really a way to do anything, it's a bit like burning down the library because people might be stealing books.

But my real issue is with the bold face part at the end and the way that it shows this 'executive' as a fool. Do the millions of legally downloaded and paid for songs from I-tunes or Rhapsody or New Napster or any of the other legal services just magically appear on people's computer's without being downloaded? High speed internet makes THOSE downloads faster too, not just the pirated ones.

What a Jackass.

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