Sunday, February 19, 2006

Late Political Blogging

Is it wrong of me to wish for someone to die? I have no knowledge of the man that VP Cheney shot, and wish him no ill will, but what if he had (or does)died of complications from the gunshot. Say that heart attack killed him, or another one later.

Would Cheney be brought up on manslaughter charges? Shouldn't he be held as accountable as a kid who accidentally shoots a friend?

One of the guys at work was talking about one of the pundits on FauxNews playing devil's advocate and wondering if maybe the Veep was drunk at the time of the shooting and if that wasn't the reason that police and paramedics weren't let in right away.

Wouldn't that make him just as accountable as a drunk driver who runs someone over?

Also, I imagine that even if you are good friends with someone, if that somebody shot you in the face and chest with a shotgun there would be at least a little bit of animosity from there on.

What if he presses charges for assault (he won't). Wouldn't that be assault with a deadly weapon, and wouldn't the keeping out of the sheriff be impeding an officer of the law?

Just some questions. I know, I realize that King George and Grand Vizier Cheney are above our mortal laws, but, you know.


A said...

Such dribble is heresy. Have you no respect for your government? A government who cares so deeply for your well-being that it goes so far as to monitor your emails and phone conversations just to keep you safe? I mean, the President probably knows he'll be impeached for it, but he's willing to make that sacrifice. And here you go beating up on his VP. I got news for you, buddy; Bush IS God, you commie freak.

Tommy said...

You're just being silly, what with your belief that you're entitled to an opinion on this matter.

It's alright for the Veep to shoot people. He's rich, and part of the government. He's just like you and me, but also much, much better than you or me.

Snotty Dog said...

Politicians always seem to cover thier ass. But I agree with you 100%. It does seem like a gross double standard.

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