Monday, March 29, 2004

Truck's Illumination

This is the first section of the first draft of the novel that I'm working on. It'll probably get backed up further in the book, but it's being told from the point of view of Francis 'Truck' Murdock, a big, ugly, stupid stock hero type. Imagine Ron Perlman after being punched repeatedly in the face (Ron Perlman, not you), and He's a combat magician and he kills the vampires and other creatures of the night. He's telling the other lead character about how he came to be the brow-beating zombie killer that he is.

I figured that since I haven't posted anything substantial in awhile, I'd put this up.

Be warned there's some rough language and crude sexuality for all you sensitive types (you know who you are,a nd I know that's a prime selling point for some of you others), so don't be shocked if you read any further.

Now if I can just string through some of the other pieces into something cohesive.


So I was at this titty bar, right. Rick's Gold Bar.

Really it was more like a whorehouse, and I'm not too proud to admit that. Sometimes I get lonely for company, you know. With a face like this, it's hard talking to women without them running away or calling the cops, and sooner or later you just decide to pay for it to get rid of the hassle.

Now this was back before I took up the crimefighting, and before I'd seen my first vampire and whatnot, and I still went to those types of places from time to time. And it was before I met Pammy. I'd appreciate it if you don't mention this little escapade with her, by the way. What she don't know about this won't hurt her.

So I was at the titty bar, at the actual bar. Out in the front it was just like any other titty bar, with a couple of stages with poles, and there was a girl dancing on the end of the bar. I'd been there for awhile already and had had a few, and I was sizing up this girl wavin her cooch over me and rubbin her tits in my face and I'm getting up the nerve to talk to her about going upstairs. That's where they had the rooms where you and the girls could, you know.

I'm havin to work up the nerve, cause even with the sure things, I'm still a bit on the shy side, and there's always the chance that I'll still be turned down, cause I'm not exactly the safest looking type, but that's neither here nor there.

So like I said I'm sizin up this redhead who's shaking her stuff in my face. I'm looking from her snatch in front of my eyes up to her tits, then down to her shoes. They're these high heeled silver jobs, and she's dancin real careful like, so as not to knock over the bottles at her feet. The music's pumping pretty hard, but none of that techno or pop shit. No, this is real music. The girls here, they strip to Stevie Ray, or sometimes they'll put on something heavier like some Bon Jovi, or Kiss, but right then it was Stevie Ray singin "If this house is a rockin." And I was starin up at that perfectly formed cooch with a tiny little landing strip of red hair above it, when this real loud banging started from upstairs. Loud enough to be heard over the music.

I'm thinkin, somebody's really giving it to one of the girls--it was that kindof banging you know. And there's real loud fuckin sounds and yellin and moanin like in a porno, only turned up to the top volume on the tv and it just keeps getting louder and louder and pretty soon the girls have all stoped dancing and and we're all just staring up at the ceiling and listening to this loud fuckin.

You could tell that they were gettin towards the end and it got more and more frantic, and Stevie's singing "Don't bother come on in" and then there's this big flash of light. I'm not really sure how, but it's like the whole place was just lit up with sunlight and it was pulsing all these colors and for a minute it was blindin and I couldn't really hear anything at all except those two coming upstairs and all this bright light. It was like when you black out, only with whiteness, and warmth and things like that.

It was a good feeling, and when I came back to myself I realized that I had came in my pants and I was a little embarrassed by where I was and what I had done, but I seemed to be the only one that was.

The redhead whose snatch I'd been eyin before was quickly comin in for a landin on my face. She had this weird half lustful half dreamy look on her face, at least she did for the couple of seconds that I could she threw herself on me.

Now I'm not one to turn down a freebie when it knocks, but I was feelin like somethin really weird was going on, and I struggled just a little, maybe not too hard, but I was able to get away just the same, I saw that everyone around me in the bar were just goin at it like they was in heat or something. The bartender was doing something unnatural to a ladies shoe, and there were lots of combinations of people going at it that I'd rather not think about. It was like I'd accidentally rented an all ugly bi-male-male-female gangbang tape. It wasn't really a pretty sight, except for some of the girls.

I'm seein all this, and this redhead is trying to get my belt undone and she has her legs all wrapped around me and isn't lettin me go, you know. To tell you the truth it was about that time that the thought of the freebie overwhelmed the weird feeling and I just decided to go with it. She was wanting it and I was wanting it more than a little, so I just went ahead and went with it.

Just about the time she's gotten my pants down around my knees there's a big commotion behind me, besides all the fuckin, and I hear, "Nobody move. This is the police. You are all to cease and desist from all sexual activities."

I look up from the top of red's head and into the mirror behind the bar and see that there are these three guys in black suits and sunglasses comin through the door all purposefull and rigid (but not rigid like the rest of us, if you know what I mean, or maybe they were). They've got these little toy-looking submachine guns held up in the air, and one of them grabs this little hairy guy who's going to town on another guys face who was having his way with one of the strippers in a scene that I'd rather not remember, and he throws this guy back against the wall hard enough to splinter the wood there, and the little hairy guy just crumples down the wall leavin a wide streak of blood behind.

Another one of the suited guys kicks one of the strippers square in the chest and she goes tumblin off in a corner. The other one is just movin his head back and forth like he's looking for somebody and I let out a little sigh of relief when he passed over me and the redhead, who's making it hard for me to concentrate if you know what I mean (she hadn't exactly stopped what she was doin, neither had most of the others, even after the suits started getting rough).

I've got my hands up, and red's workin on me, and I'm watching this center suit in the mirror as he looks back and forth real slow, then he reaches up one hand and puts it to his ear like when an anchor gets somebody talking to him from the booth, and he starts for the stairs. The other two flank him and kick at anybody in their way. Which stops most of the fucking that's going on, but not all of it.

I wonder how the suits found out about the orgy so quick, but I figure they had the place bugged or something and I watch em go to the bottom of the stairs. About this time the bouncer decides to play the macho man and ask for the suits IDs.

The lead one takes his gun and smacks the guy across the face with it and I see some teeth and blood fly out and his jaw and hid nose breakd with a big crack and he goes down in a lump to the side of the stairs and that's the last anybody says about any ID as the three of em go upstairs.

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