Friday, January 21, 2005

Out and About

Today on NPR I heard the results of a poll that said 50% of Americans feel that President Bush is a unifier, and 50% feel that he is a divider.

I may be a bit dense, and perhaps they were cracking a very dry joke, but if the public is halfway split on whether or not he is a unifying force, doesn't that mean that he isn't?


The Screensavers are showing a DJ with one turntable right now as their musical guest. Firstly, why the hell do they have musical guests now? I'll buy the one time TMBG gig, but a damn DJ? Wow. Woopty-Fwipity-Scratchity-Doo! They had to go to Los Angeles why?


Today I read the comics adaptation of the film adaptation of the Hellblazer comic. I realize that all the big name creators are probably all tied up with their own projects, or have some actual dignity and aren't able to come in and make this thing halfway decent. It's not like any comic adaptation of a film outside of say, Walt Simonson's Alien, or the Bladerunner one is any good, but they could really do better than what they did.

If you're going to publish a trade size book with the adaptation, why not go the full distance with the story length instead of forcing the writer to cram so much exposition into each panel that when there's a panel without dialogue it feels so out of place?

Steven Seagle isn't a bad writer, but he must have had some suck of a story to work with here.

There's what, 160 issues of Hellblazer out there currently and this is the best story they could cobble together?

I still say that there is nothing in this story that required them to license the property, what with its extreme lack of much semblance to the source material other than character names.

Now I'm sure I don't want to see the movie, even though I picked up the second volume of Hellblazer stories written by Warren Ellis today.


No little kid, I don't need you to show me how to drive the tank in the new Mercenaries game, I may be old, but I can figure it out for myself. Wait your damn turn.


Episode 2 of Tilt is on, and the show still sucks.

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